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Hello, 2011!

Good golly, miss Molly! I can’t believe I’m a mom of a teen, but ’tis true.

Not only that, but this spring marks 15 years since high school graduation! YOWSAS!

Didn’t really figure I’d be back in school 15yr down the road, but then I wasn’t paying much attention to what was gonna happen in the next 15 days!

Things seem to go by so much quicker 15 years down the road. I’m looking forward to this next year, though, even if it will (I’m sure) slip by all too quickly.

New goals for this year? A couple, yeah. Of course, I intend on making 100 or better on all my courses through Faith Bible Institute this coming year, same as I did last semester. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me to remember so much material!! =)

On a similar note, I’ve determined to distribute at least 500 gospel messages this year. Church tracts, whole books of John, tracts from the Pocket Testament League (which, my grandfather did some missionary work with back in the day, I recently learned…), tracts from the Good News Publishers (where I just renewed my membership), or maybe even whole KJV Bibles! In whatever form, though, I want to get 500 or more handed out, placed in waiting or rest rooms, left on cafe tables, or taped to doors this year.

Also, at some point during this year, I REALLY want to get the devotional I plan on writing started, and get Mike’s quilt top pieced together finally (after 5 years of sitting).

I’d like to be able to send Meagan on her first mission trip this summer, as well, so maybe I’ll find some way to pick up some extra $$.

I have lots more planned, but I think I’m going to make those my ‘primary projects’. =)

2011 should be an interesting, busy year. I just hope it doesn’t stay this cold all year. I think, yup, I’ve just lost all feeling in my typing, gloveless fingers. Guess that means it’s time to go!


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