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Projects Shower Down In April!

In the middle of a kitchen renovation, Meagan’s Un-birthday party comes due and Matthew’s bipolar goes completely unstable. Oh the excitement! =/

The kitchen thing is pretty exciting, actually. I’m getting a new (temporary) floor, new sink, new countertop, new cabinet/counter/bar, a couple of new shelves, and I’m redoing the existing cabinet doors…some will be repainted others replaced with super awesome curtains. I haven’t gotten very far yet. The only things done are the sink and the countertop and both of those still need some tweaking. The floor should be started tomorrow, though, and once the floor is done, I’m hoping to get the new counter/bar/cabinet whatchamacallit put in quickly. The painting and curtains will take a little longer, obviously. I’ll post pics (before and after) once I’m done. I’m REALLY hoping to finish this project by Mike’s birthday on the 1st of June.

Other things happenin around here are Meagan’s 13th Un-birthday party tomorrow afternoon, followed by a “Fashion/Spa Sleepover”, and the neverending saga of trying to get Matt’s bipolar stabilized. I saw a little glimmer of possible good news on that front this morning after he took his new dose of his med. He was actually HAPPY, singing even, while doing schoolwork…without¬†a major fight!

Amongst all this stuff, I’m trying desperately to get the house decluttered and cleaned. This is going to be a long-haul project, I know, but it NEEDS to be done. There is just too much STUFF in here!

Of course my crafty project list continues to grow, too. Seems I just can’t find the time to knock any back OFF the list. =(¬†

Much as I dread it, I guess I’d better get back to tossin junk and doin dishes!


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