A Sorry Start to Summer! =(

It would appear that this summer is going to be one of our most difficult yet. =/

To start things off, Matthew started having ‘attacks’ of OCD that threw him into near panic attacks and kept him from being able to sleep. The recent med change for the rage episodes had completely knocked out all rage and aggression, but also completely knocked MATT out, too. He was sleeping (when not panicking because his toes “felt funny” and needed re-arranging) 15+ hours a day. So a trip to the ped and we decided to do another med change. This time weaning off the Seroquel and onto Abilify. She has suggested he skip church camp this year (he did NOT like that!) and gave him a script for Valium for when the freak-outs happen.

Then my best friend had a HORRIBLE week. As her 2nd youngest trooped off to camp, the youngest was admitted to the hospital with a supder-duper bad case of strep throat. By Friday evening that week, the wee one had had surgery to drain the abscess in her throat, their son was home from camp- with pink eye, the oldest had come down with the same virus that BOTH parents picked up while at the hospital, a power outage had ruined some of their food, and their 2nd oldest had managed to overflow the toilet and flood the house!

We just thought the next week was going to be better. Monday (so 6 days ago), the wee miss was doing so much better we were all anticipating her release in the next day or two. Here at *my* place, though, the med change for Matthew was not going so well. He was down to an almost nonexsistent dose of Seroquel and hadn’t started the Abilify yet. Naturally this meant the anger, rage, aggression, etc was showing up again. Meagan didn’t help things any by bickering and fighting with him all day. By 9pm when Mike was due to leave for work, Matt had been full-out out-of-control for about an hour and a half and was throwing anything he could get his hands on and hitting whoever he could get close to. When he threw a folding chair at Mike, I knew we had to make a trip to Cook’s again. This time through the ER instead of to visit my little Sweet Cheeks.

We got home around 3am Tues. Sweet Cheeks followed late Tues evening. Since then, Matt has switched over to the Abilify and ramped up to his target dose. Thankfully the rage, etc has disappeared again. Unfortunely the freak-out OCD attacks have only gotten worse. He has been taking Valium every 6hr whenever he’s awake, and wishing/waiting to be able to take it again in between. He is so anxious and miserable! If he’s not pacing the house trying to NOT rearrange his “funny feeling toes”, he is crying because he is so miserable and frustrated. If he’s not doing either of those it’s because the Valium and/or the Benadryl he’s taken has blessedly kicked in enough to outmatch the anxiety and he’s dropped off to sleep.

It’s been so bad the last few days, I called the ped yesterday on a Sat! I hate doing that, but the poor kid is desperate for relief. That’s when she suggested taking the Valium in the afternoon in an effort to beat the attack to the punch. I just wish it had worked! He has an appointment with the ped Thurs afternoon, and at the ER last week I was assured that he had been through the intake process (by visiting the ER) and that Cook’s Mental Health would be calling me in a week or two to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. I haven’t heard anything yet, so I will be calling them tomorrow to try and speed things up.

Meanwhile… the week before the HORRIBLE week, Meagan had gone to camp. She came home saying she had had an earache and might need to go to the dr. This was, of course, late Fri afternoon. When Monday rolled around, I asked her how her ear was and she said it was fine, so the focus turned on Sweet Cheeks once we found out she was in the hospital. The following week (last week) was when Matt made the ER trip. We left Meg at home and had my mom come over to stay with her. Mom decided to take Meg home with her and hang on to her for a few days while Matt got through the worst of the med change-over. Smart idea! Thanks, Mom!

She came home last night and surprise, surprise! She was complaining of a horrible earache. She slept most of the day today, but since she woke up she has commented several times that she hopes the dr can get her an appt tomorrow! So here I sit… church time with 2 miserable kids. =(

I have no idea what exactly lies in store for us the rest of the summer, but I do know that our journey with the mental health professionals is about to start. I’m sure there will be many doc appts this summer… more so than usual. That isn’t all that scary. What IS scary is the very real possibility (as in there has already been significant serious talk about it) that Matthew may need to be admitted to a partial hospitalization program.

Meagan had a dream last night that her ear was so infected she spent a month in the hospital and had two surgeries for it. Let’s hope this is NOT a dream that comes true. One major thing at a time, please!


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