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Moving the Caseys

Today is technically Monday (as it is after midnight), but it’s still Sunday night for me. Meagan has already gone to bed, but Matthew is still up. He’s supposed to be getting his meds… what he’s actually doing is up for debates. Friday morning he had sinus surgery. He was really nervous, but did good overall. He was up and back to normal by Friday night. Yesterday he went to the park and hung out with his friends.

I’m hoping the surgery will bring an end to the icky health month we’ve had as well as improve his sleep. Just after Christmas, Meagan came down with mono. About the same time, Mike and I both got a bad sinus infection, and Matthew’s asthma flared up too. I’m ready for some HEALTHY Caseys!!

This year – 2013 – my biggest goal is moving the Caseys. I’m determined that with the Lord’s help, we’ll be in a new-to-us house sooner rather than later. Mike is retired now, so it is my ‘work history’ that we will need to use to get a loan if we need one, so I’ll keep working with my best friend (at least the company is good!!) at least until we get moved. I just know that a new house will help us all health-wise. Just the change to central heat and air will do wonders for everyone’s breathing!! I can’t wait!


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