I am me. =) Me being Christina. I’ll be 40 at the end of 2018, so that means I’ve played with this blog off and on, but mostly off, for about 10yr now. I am currently a single mom to two adult children, one still living at home. My daughter Meagan now goes by her middle name of Renee and is 20. She has mild autism, so she is still living at home with me. Matthew is 19 and just got his own apartment at the beginning of 2018. I homeschooled them both until they hit 5th grade. My original intent was to homeschool them through high school, but it looks like God had other plans. =)

I have had a wonderful boyfriend for almost 8mo now and I’m so happy I get to share life with him. He has 3 kiddos between 13 and 17 so you can imagine our life is busy, busy, busy.

I like a lot of things….

  • I like Jesus (well, actually I LOVE Jesus because He loved me first and saved me!).
  • I like church (no really, I do. I hear that’s strange…).
  • I like baking, but not cooking unless it is a new recipe.
  • I like 50s diner-esque stuff, especially if it pertains to a certain refreshing drink!
  • I like denim and bandanas and cowboy boots and hats.
  • My all-time favorite flower is the daisy, but I like lots of other white flowers too.
  • I like reading. (Lots of different stuff, but outside of the Bible, I’d have to say my favorite genre is kids’ chapter books…I know. I’m weird.)
  • I like crocheting and sewing and embroidery.
  • I like redwork.
  • I like quilting, though I’ve not actually MADE a quilt yet (I have two in progress).
  • I like teaching. Especially Amercian History, Math, and Science.
  • I like listening to music WAY loud so I can sing and not hear myself.
  • I like singing annoying songs for far too long just because I can.
  • I like watching videos of factories making stuff. I love factory tours!
  • I like smurfs. Yes, I am weird. I already told you that!
  • I like dogs, but not dog hair, bodily fluids, or mouth smacking-noises.
  • I like corn-on-the-cob and watermelon because they are an excuse to eat super-sloppily like I did when I was a kid.
  • I like LEGOS!!
  • I like traditions. I’m big on tradition.
  • I like researching. I was once called “the Research Queen”.
  • I like giving very unique “just right” gifts. Especially if they’re something that’s just not found anywhere. (I tend to find them!)
  • I like organizing. As long as it doesn’t involve me CLEANING something first.
  • I like kitties. I don’t care how old they are, they are kitties. =)

Now some things I don’t like…

  • I don’t like sticking my hands in a sink full of standing water. Yuck!
  • I don’t like “exotic” foods. Things like pig brains, chicken feet, caviar, mussels, shark, cow tongue, liver. These all qualify. They are not food products, people. They are biological waste!
  • I can NOT stand the sound of a mouth (any mouth!) smacking in any way. No really. It almost hurts! This includes gum-chewing. In a big way.
  • I don’t like driving. At all. Please somebody hire me a driver!!
  • I don’t like talking in front of crowds or people I don’t know well.
  • I don’t like crowds. At all.
  • I don’t like the news. I used to watch it all the time. I didn’t have much of a choice- it was blaring all day long. Now it’s not and that’s nice.
  • I don’t like John Wayne movies. I don’t care if he is the quintessential American cowboy.
  • I don’t like fancy china. I’m more a Dixie cup kinda of a gal. Or maybe thematic (member that refreshing drink?) dishes.
  • I don’t like fancy restaurants. See above.
  • I don’t like boats, oceans, flying over oceans, etc.

Here is a post I did on 100 Things About Me.


1 Response to “About Chris”

  1. 1 carrie-the gremlin wrangler January 15, 2009 at 8:21 am

    hey Chris! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Man, that’s a lot of meds to have to keep track of. I’m starting to see that lots of people use those nifty sorters!

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