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It’s Invisible Illness Week… who knew?

Unfortunately that is exactly the problem with invisible illnesses. They are the ones that cause devastating, debilitating effects, but to others if they find out the patient is ill, would say… They have _____… who knew?

The CALDA blog called Touched By Lyme had an interesting entry recently… “TOUCHED BY LYME: 30 things you don’t know about Lyme disease” Here’s mine—

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

1. The illness I live with: Lyme and other tick-borne infections
2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: 2008
3. But I had symptoms since: birth – 1978
4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: to not volunteer to help do things that tax me physically
5. Most people assume: Lyme plays itself out in a few weeks; sooner if you get a few days of antibiotics
6. The hardest part about mornings are: first getting out of the bed
7. My favorite medical TV show is: Mystery Diagnosis but I only see it infrequently because I can’t afford cable.
8. A gadget I couldn’t live without is: my shower seat!
9. The hardest part about nights are: getting to sleep around the pain and anxiety
10. Each day I take 42 pills & vitamins.
11. Regarding alternative treatments I: have not tried any
12. If I had to choose between an invisible illness or visible I would choose: VISIBLE, one that SCREAMS I’m sick
13. Regarding working and career: I can’t work
14. People would be surprised to know: how much pain I have and how often I am bedridden.
15. The hardest thing to accept about my new reality has been: I can’t do things I want to do or used to do.
16. Something I never thought I could do with my illness that I did was: go to junior church camp as a counselor!
17. The commercials about my illness: are non-existent.
18. Something I really miss doing since I was diagnosed is: waking up, going through the day, going to bed… without having to stop and take a bunch of pills.
19. It was really hard to have to give up: homeschooling
20. A new hobby I have taken up since my diagnosis is: sleeping
21. If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would: would not fully know it, as I’ve been ill since birth.
22. My illness has taught me: I have to take care of myself in order to take care of my family. Also, how to go to a doctor and talk to him about ME.
23. Want to know a secret? One thing people say that gets under my skin is: it must ‘all be in my head’ since Lyme is ‘cured’ by a few days of antibiotics. My doctor isn’t looking to cure me. Just get me into remission.
24. But I love it when people: ask how I’m doing and actually want to know the truth.
25. My favorite motto, scripture, quote that gets me through tough times is: God will not put on us more than we can handle. Jesus will help me through.
26. When someone is diagnosed I’d like to tell them: as much as I can about what to expect in the coming months, and that yes, it WILL get better… eventually.
27. Something that has surprised me about living with an illness is: how totally it affects every little thing you OR your family do.
28. The nicest thing someone did for me when I wasn’t feeling well was: prayed for me and told me they were.
29. I’m involved with Invisible Illness Week because: Most of my family (parents, brothers, children, myself)and some dear friends of mine all have one or more invisible illnesses.
30. The fact that you read this list makes me feel: blessed.

I’ve read through some of the others and one thing that I have to agree with them on (but I answered differently) was that most people think I am ‘normal’ or ‘not sick anymore’ – if they ever knew I was. These infections mess up and take over so many different things in the body it takes months, years in most cases, to be ‘not sick anymore’. I am doing so much better than I was a year ago, but I am nowhere near ‘not sick anymore’.


One sickie, two sickie, three sickie, four…

Oh my am I behind in my record-keeping. That’s problem because we’ve had SO many sickies here lately.

Dad’s back in the hospital and has been for a week.

BOTH kids were put on 4x daily nebulizer treatments last week.

I’ve been slowly (SLOWLY) getting better after pretty much being completely out of commission for all intents and purposes since Jan. Had another med change last week after I called my doc to ask a ? and he had the nurse call me and tell me to “be here at 1:30!” lol

Turns out my tendons had been on the verge of rupture for several weeks. Go figure! He changed my meds, wished he could do more tests but opted not to since I have no ins, and told me to ride along with my folks when we brought my dad in the following week (would be tomorrow).

Dad’s appt is currently cancelled, though, since he’s still in the hospital.


I haven’t gotten much laundry or dishes done at all, just barely enough to get by. I have been getting a meal plan made up and have been keeping the groceries under the $80/wk I just haven’t been getting the details posted or recorded.

Besides everyone being sick, my computer is really sick, too. In fact, it may be dead. I can’t even get it to turn on. =(  ALL my pictures are on there for the last 5yr at least, and of course all my emails and bookmarks and personal files.

I’m hoping my brother can rescue the important stuff somehow. In the meantime, I’m having to use Mike’s computer to do anything. That means I pretty much don’t use the computer. lol

One thing about it… I have had way more time to get stuff done. I’ve been spending WAY too much time reading blogs apparently!

It does make it difficult to keep up with coupon deals and the like, though.

Guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to get some of the counts better updated in a day or so.

100 Things About Me

This is my 100th post, and since I’ve taken up the habit of counting things, I thought I’d post 100 pieces of trivia about myself. They will likely be a mix of mundane, surprising, strange, and outright weird. At least I hope so, since that would be the best representation of me… mundane yet sometimes surprising, a little strange, and downright weird at times. Here goes!

  1. I’m 5′ short.
  2. My husband calls me vertically challenged.
  3. He also calls me directionally challenged.
  4. I get lost if I try to go anywhere other than the church, pediatrician’s, or one of the 2 stores in town.
  5. I was scared of cats until we got our little Chloe-doll.
  6. I miss Chloe… a LOT.
  7. I have always wanted lots of kids…like 8.
  8. I would love to adopt at some point.
  9. Actually I’d love to adopt a LOT of kids at some point.
  10. Or else just run an orphanage like I used to dream about doing.
  11. I designed the floor plan for a 5 story orhpanage (that incl full-story attic and basement) when I was in high school.
  12. I was engaged before I was married.
  13. I did not marry the person I was engaged to!
  14. My first job was working at Dairy Queen.
  15. I used to sing Green Day songs while I mopped the floors at work.
  16. I was so full of teenage angst my ‘theme song’ at the time contained the words “she screams in silence, a sullen riot penetrating through her mind”
  17. Only problem was, I didn’t do my screaming and sulking in silence!
  18. I am ashamed to admit I listened to some of the junk and filth I did in high school.
  19. I am even more ashamed of some of the things I DID in high school.
  20. In school (ALL grades) I was the shortest kid in class and almost always THE shyest/quietest.
  21. A guy I went to school with tells a story about how I stood up in the middle of math class in 8th grade, screamed SHUT UP! and then slapped him. He says I had a headache. Whatever.
  22. I do NOT remember doing that. Seriously. I didn’t remember it when he first told it in Spanish class the next year, even. He’s probably right, though.
  23. I have 4 sisters and 6 brothers.
  24. We’re not all part of the same families.
  25. I have one full-blood sibling. The rest share only 1 or no biological parents.
  26. They’re all still my brothers and sisters, though, and I love them all!
  27. I do not wear a wedding ring or engagement ring.
  28. I do not own a wedding ring or engagement ring.
  29. I didn’t have a wedding or a honeymoon.
  30. Yes we really are married! LOL
  31. When I was little Punky Brewster, CHIPS, and M*A*S*H were my favorite shows.
  32. I still watch M*A*S*H* anytime I catch it on.
  33. I used to collect unicorns.
  34. I used to collect cows for the kitchen.
  35. I slept with my stuffed Smurf (named “Smurf”) and a teddy bear from Six Flags (named “Snowball”) until I was married.
  36. I slept with them sometimes AFTER I was married, too.
  37. I got Smurf for my 3rd birthday and every year on my birthday I would tell him happy ____ birthday, too.
  38. Our dog Butterscotch ate Smurf. Well, some of him anyways. The rest was strewn all over the laundry room.
  39. I very nearly almost cried when Smurf got torn up.
  40. I am “big on tradition”.
  41. I don’t like change much.
  42. Except when it comes to furniture placement and decor. Then I like lots of change.
  43. I collect old Coca-Cola advertising, or at least stuff that LOOKS like the old Coca-Cola advertising.
  44. I hope to someday get my kitchen to look like a 50s diner, complete with red sparkly vinyl booth with a jukebox on the table!
  45. My favorite kind of day is cool, gray, and cloudy. A little rain makes it perfect!
  46. I like walking in the rain.
  47. I love the smell of rain!
  48. I used to be petrified of high winds, particularly tornadoes.
  49. I’m still scared of them, but I don’t get full-out panic attacks and paralysis with them anymore! =)
  50. I like filling orders from a list, or putting together packages of like items.
  51. Themes are big with me… themes for room decor, gift baskets, parties, school lessons, you name it!
  52. I love playing the clarinet and bass clarinet.
  53. I can’t play either anymore because of my rotten (literally) teeth.
  54. I am learning to play the Irish tin whistle.
  55. Aside from the above, my all time favorite instruments include the cello.
  56. I went to Vacation Bible School twice growing up. Neither time for the full week.
  57. I went to church camp once.
  58. My parents moved while I was at camp.
  59. We moved 7 times while I was growing up.
  60. I was born in Virginia, but have lived in Texas since I was 9mo old.
  61. My ‘claim to fame’ is that Davy Crockett of Alamo fame is my great-great-great-great uncle.
  62. In high school, we put together a deal where we predicted what everyone would be doing in 10yrs. (Well a ‘committee’ did, not all of us). It was predicted that in 10yrs I would be a nun living in silence.
  63. I started smoking the end of my junior year in high school. I was 16.
  64. The smoking stopped April 18, 2007. I didn’t do it.
  65. I once burned a bra. Because I was stoopid.
  66. I decided at 4 or 5 years old that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.
  67. I called myself Dr. Megan My-Maiden-Name-Here.
  68. When we first started picking out names for our first child, I crossed out every name that was a NO-WAY in the book. Megan was one of those names.
  69. We named our daughter Meagan.
  70. I gave up the dream/goal of being a doctor in high school for several reasons, one of which was extreme anxiety/shyness. (I realized that as a doctor I’d have to deal with LOTS and LOTS of people, many of them other doctors!!)
  71. I have worn my hair all different lengths from bobbed higher than my chin to skimming my waistband.
  72. I have had 2 perms. The first was a success at age 8. The second was well… NOT at 15.
  73. I had my ears pierced at 16.
  74. My dad had to use pliers to get a loop earring out/off my severely swollen ear.
  75. I let my ears grow closed and have left them alone ever since!
  76. I break out in itchy water blister looking hives if I wear metal jewelry (even the hypo-allergenic ones).
  77. I once placed first in a writing contest (though you wouldn’t be able to tell by the drivel I pound out on here!)
  78. I have an inherent sense of spelling. Most words I only need to look at once or hear once to know how to spell it.
  79. I drive my mom nuts by correcting her spelling… she’s a really poor speller.
  80. I love my mom to pieces and we get along great now.
  81. When I lived at home, my mom and I fought like cats and dogs…All. The. Time.
  82. I scream at my kids way more than I would like to (which would be never). It’s a struggle/battle I haven’t won yet, but keep fighting.
  83. I slept under a train bridge for a few nights in high school, before ‘moving’ into an outdoor cellar.
  84. I worked as a receptionist for H&R Block during tax season one year. (PLEASE don’t scream at the gal on the phone when you call to ask if your return is ready yet, she TRULY can’t do anything about it. She is handed a box of ready returns with phone #s to call and let the people know they are in, and then told to also field all phone calls. If it’s not in that box, she has NO way of knowing where it is!)
  85. I have a very particular way I want lights (and lots of them!) strung on my Christmas tree.
  86. I perfected the tree-lighting technique when I worked at Montgomery Wards and was in charge of assembling the entire Christmas display.
  87. I ruined about 6 pairs of panty hose and tore my arms to shreds putting up and decorating the dozen or so trees all mooshed together.
  88. I lived in a hotel for 5 weeks before Mike and I got our first apartment together.
  89. I once sung “This is the song that never ends…” for 4 hours straight with a cousin of mine.
  90. I taught my kids all of my old annoying tricks and songs. What was I thinking?!
  91. I used to put on performances for my parents and extended family. Usually lip-syncing/dancing. Usually to either Michael Jackson or Weird Al.
  92. I read The Thorn Birds at age 10. My grandmother loaned it to me. WHAT?! was she thinking?! If it were a movie, it would be at least R, probably X rated. Very descriptive. I do NOT recommended it for anyone, let alone a 10yr girl!
  93. I wore a short purple velvet dress, silver pumps, silver fingernail polish, and carried a silver backpack to prom.
  94. I like the color red best, with true grass green a close second.
  95. I like my coffee strong and black.
  96. I eat coffee creamer without the coffee. Mmmm!!
  97. I have a serious black thumb problem. Seriously. If you go on vacation do NOT ask me to take care of your plants. If you do, you might as well just toss them out the back door now.
  98. I love the Dragonriders of Pern books.
  99. My favorite book series, though, is Anne of Green Gables. We are kindred spirits.
  100. I love simulation games like Caesar, Emperor, The Sims, and Virtual Villagers.


It’s a new year. Have to get used to writing 2009 or 09 now. Looks odd, but then every new year does. I posted about a couple of goals/plans for this year earlier tonight… which was also last year. lol My Goals and Plans for 2009

My Goals and Plans for 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about the different goals and such I want to set for the new year. I don’t feel like I have everything nailed down just yet, but I do have a couple. I’m not going to call these resolutions, but goals. I like the idea of having a goal or a theme or whatever for the year.

One thing I plan on doing is trying very, very hard to keep grocery spending to $80 or less a week. That includes toiletries, paper and cleaning products, and pet supplies. (Except the flea control, since I get that online.)

I did a trial run sotospeak today. I planned out a menu for the next week…

Wed- hamburger helper, leftover veggies
Thurs- blackeyed peas, beans, cornbread
Fri- ground beef stew
Sat- creamy chicken casserole
Sun- crockpot potato soup
Mon- chicken/veggie/rice bake
Tues- pizzas
Wed- grilled cheese and tater tots

…and went to the store to pick up the things I’d need to accomplish this. I also had to make sure I got stuff for lunches both here at home and then Mon-Wed of next week school lunches.

I also needed to get sponges, scrubbies, and rinse aid for the dishwasher if I had enough $ leftover.

I was pretty sure I’d make it this week since I already had ground beef, bread, and almost 2 gallons of milk.

I also had a bunch of coupons, some of which were expiring within the next week, so IF I was going to have enough leftover and IF it would be a good deal (i.e. something we would actually use or would be buying later), I wanted to add a few things that weren’t on my list.

I did it! =) I got everything on my have-to-get list and more for $71!!

Some of the better highlights…

I bought 10lb of potatoes instead of 5lb, so they’ll go twice as far. I got a one-load package of Tide and a bottle of Suave hairspray for free. I got 4 cans of soup, and 4 packages of rice that weren’t on the list, so that’s a decent start towards next weeks’ groceries.

I did actually spend more than the $80 today, though. I went to the dollar store and spent $20 on Christmas decorations (LOTS, plus 4 matching Christmas dinner plates), and I also spent $15 on Christmas stuff at WalMart (mostly tins for giving away fudge or cookies next year).

The only things I didn’t pick up (yet) are carrots which go on sale tomorrow, and another gallon of milk which Mike can pick up on his way home from work Saturday for cheaper than I could get it here.

Not too bad for a first go! I even had room to get some crockpot liners and shampoo!

Another thing I’m going to try to do in 2009 is finish up a BUNCH of little projects and also start and finish some bigger ones.

I’ll be updating my projects page to the new 2009 goals tonight or tomorrow.

I’m hoping that the projects I want/plan to do will be at least partially funded by ‘leftover’ grocery $. That’s a pretty tall order considering I’ve set a limit of $80 a week and I’ve been averaging around $180 a week. It’s going to be hard enough to keep it under the $180 consistently, let alone enough under $80 that I have leftovers! We’ll see.

I told the kids what I plan on doing and told them that anything leftover up to the $80 mark gets put into a project/goody fund. I’m hoping they will help me out and then we’ll be able to buy stuff like paint and lamps for their room, maybe a new Wii game, or just a trip to the ice cream shop.

Just call me Queen of Domesticity!

So I’m looking at that column over on the right there and I see “Recent Posts” and laugh out loud. Seriously. Cause while a couple of those listed there are kinda recent, the others most assuredly are NOT.

Guess what! I didn’t get the pics posted yet. And I won’t tonight either! So sue me. I did warn you, after all.

Thing is, while taking pictures is easy enough with the dig cam, getting them on the computer is a little more difficult.

I have to take the card out of the camera and put it into Mike’s computer, download the pics, then come in here to my computer and transfer them from computer to computer. THEN and only then can I crop, lighten, rotate, etc, and then post them on here.

Iit is something that only happens when Mike is at work AND I remember to go do it. What generally happens is that one or the other qualifications fits…but not both.

Will I get the pictures put up tomorrow? Possibly.

Here’s the thing… I am DESPERATELY trying to get the house picked up completely (well as completely as possible with 2 pre-teens, 2 kittens, and 1 husband…lol) and get the laundry and dishes caught up (again with the “as possible” line). That means that I will most likely be running around the house like a rusty tin woman looking for an oilcan. That is I’ll be creaking around as fast as I can but probably not actually achieving much.

I say that because it seems like I can get a fair amount done one day, but not so much two days in a row. Since I managed to get about 6 loads of laundry done, mail several auction sales out at the post office, fax some paperwork to my doctor’s office, dinner cooked, one kid picked up early from school, quick trip to the store for clear soda and packing tape, second kid picked up not-early from school, second coat of Bistro White painted on the little mirror I found at the resale shop a couple of weeks ago, one bill paid online, coatrack and mirror hung in the hall, most of the living room picked up, and most of the dining room table cleared all with only taking 2 doses of tylenol (no pain meds) today…

Yeah, chances are good tomorrow will see me playing the part of Rustola. =/

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with this blog in the next year. I’ve been blogging (with no audience except myself, but that’s ok) for almost a year now with really no direction whatsover. On the whole I like the loose, unscripted way of blogging. I’m not sure I want to NEVER have any direction for this thing though.

I’ve got a few ideas percolatin’ in my little pea-pecker. Nothing spectacular, but ideas nevertheless.

I know one thing I want to try and change around here… more pics! =)

Moved my blog again…

No real reasons for it. Ok, so maybe there are.

Reason #1: I got all set up to blog several months back and spent a small fortune doing it. I don’t want to have to pay that small fortune again in a few months in order to continue blogging.

Reason #2: The place/way I had been blogging was “outdated” according to WordPress. (See my post about this.) This gets my version of WordPress updated without me having to figure out how to do it. (Because THAT was never gonna happen, folks!)

Reason #3: I finally figured out how to do it! (Move it that is.)

That’s pretty much it. This should be much simpler to keep up with. Simple is good. I like simple, remember? =)

Oh, I also like rearranging things. This would apparently include my blog. ;-)

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