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Melted Plastic for dinner, anyone?

Ever had one of those weeks?

I found a good deal on ground beef last week. $1.25/lb. I bought 20lb. This afternoon, Mike and I divided it up into 1 1/4 lb packages and put all but 2 in the freezer. Those two were destined for hamburgers for dinner!

I peeled and cut up a bunch of potatoes, while fighting off our youngest kitty, Freckles. He absolutely loves standing up, peering into the trash can, and pulling out the potato peels. He eats them, but never eats as many as he pulls out. Typical kid, eyes bigger than the stomach.

I set out to fry the french fries in the fry daddy, while the burgers were frying in the skillet on the stove. In between checking on each, I was chopping up and freezing some bell peppers and roma tomatoes I’d bought on sale a couple of weeks ago. (3 for $1 on the bell peppers, and 68 cents/lb on the maters)

I had the last batch of fries in the fryer, and the burgers were just about done. I finished chopping the pepper I was working on and went to check on the fries. They looked funny. My first thought was the fry daddy had finally given up the ghost and the bottom or lining or something had come off and was fryin along with the fries. Then I realized the plastic coffee can lid to the grease ‘can’ was missing. Apparently it stuck to the bottom of the fry daddy lid when I set it down and didn’t unstuck until I’d covered the fryer back up. Then it went splooshing into the grease and french fries.

Guess that means I need to add cooking oil to the shopping list. I don’t much think I want to cook anything else in the oil in there now!

Other highlights of this week: major explosions of rage and destruction, the news that Mike will get to work 1 or 2 of the Thanksgiving holidays after all, a trip to the dollar store on Veterans Day where I got 10% my whole purchase ’cause my daddy’s a vet, an allergy shot fot Matt, and the terrifying wait to see whether or not Matthew was going to be killed by the bite of peanut cookie he ate at Masters Club Sunday. (Thank the Lord he only suffered stomachache and nausea, no throat swelling, lack of consciousness, etc! I kept him doped up REAL good on Benadryl for several hours while we waited to see whether we’d have to use the Epi and call 911.)

Tomorrow Matthew is scheduled for another allergy shot, and Mom is expecting us over for Game Night again. Who knows if we’ll be able to go. The way this week has been going it could go either way. We’ve had a good mix of good/bad things happen, so I can’t possibly guess. lol I do know the kids need to get all the dishes caught up and their room clean before we go. That may be the deciding factor.


Updates, a surprise, and some great shopping deals!

Thought I’d give an update of both how Rachel (the new bunny) and our cats Samson and Delilah were getting along, as well as an update on Mom and Dad’s new house. Oh and some other stuff, too. lol

Yes, it’s another one of those mixed posts with a little bit about a lot. Some sort of planned randomness, I suppose. hehe

The three animals are all doing just fine. Well better than fine, actually. We put the rabbit cage on the floor in the living room temporarily. We can leave the cage door open all night while we sleep or all day while we’re gone. The cats watch the bunny and LOVE to lay right up as close as they can get to her in the cage, but they don’t ever actually go up TO her. Rachel, on the other hand, will go up and sniff the kitties if she wants (and if they don’t jump backwards which is the norm), but mostly she just completely ignores the kitties. She (Rachel) is loving being able to explore instead of being in that little cage 24/7 and she’s also quite pleased with the first change we’ve made to her diet/litter/habitat/etc. In this case it was making timothy grass available to her at all times. Oh boy does she love that stuff. And of course she gets a chunk of carrot or apple once a day, too.

Mom and Dad were finally able to close on their house last week. They got the keys either Wed or Thurs, I can’t remember. On Friday she got hold of the city to turn the power and water on and was told they couldn’t because their meter base was not in the proper position. It was ‘red-tagged’ and they were going to have to get and electrician (licensed and registered to work in the city) to put in a new meter base and weatherhead and whatever else that stuff requires.

Since then we’ve been working, working, working on all the different little projects (and 1 big) that Mom and her crew wanted to get done before they move in, as well as trying to get hold of an electrian. We’ve just about finished painting both boys rooms. J’s is in gray with black trim and 2 big horizontal black stripes all the way round, and R’s in a butternut squash soup/puree color with gold glaze on top and American barn red trim. Both are looking really, really good!

We’ve also been painting the pantry. It somehow got missed when they whitewashed EVERYTHING when they put the house on the market. It was pretty icky! =( So, we’re painting. Right now it is a very light shade of tan, actually closer to coffee with a LOT of cream in it, and the shelves are the palest of pale blues. It is so pale it is almost white. Her pantry is a big pantry, but it’s not walk-in and there’s not a light, so she wanted light colors. Tomorrow we’ll be texturing the walls with the blue, a hot pink, and a hot orange; and the shelves with the ecru(?), the hot pink, and the hot orange.

Also we’ve done things like install a carbon monoxide detector (haven’t gotten the smoke alarms up yet), replaced all the locks, put up the American flag, installed a new shower head and toilet seat, and tried to get all the windows open after having been painted shut with the white paint, and who knows what else. My brother M (28) got one to open but his elbows popped the glass and shattered it. Praise the Lord he had only 3 teensy, teensy little nicks! Last time one of my brothers broke a window (J) he fell through and got cut up bad. I think he had 22 staples altogether.

So the window was replaced. The big project is getting Mom’s new kitchen flooring in. It’s a roll-out vinyl. Well, she went to putty up the slight cracks and holes and what-not in the existing flooring so they wouldn’t transfer through to the vinyl and she discovered the old self-adhesive tiles were actually peeling up. So we had to take that layer off. A friend came over to help and she started scraping stuff up and didn’t stop with the first layer. She pulled up ALL the layers down to the plywood subfloor (now covered in icky, tarry glue). Now it’s all gotta come up to make stuff even… which means there’s been a LOT of floor scraping/tearing out. =)

Today an electrician came out (in answer to Mom’s and my own prayers) that was able to get the job done today in like 1hr. He had originally thought it would take 4-6hr! All that’s left before we can have light to work with in there is for the inspector to come out in the morning and then the electrician to connect something or another; it’s supposed to take like 5min.

Now, another topic. J is turning 17 tomorrow (Wed), and I decided since his room is kinda car garage themed to get him a garage nuts/bolts/etc holder. One of those with like 5 million little drawers. All they had was metallic blue so I just got through painting it gloss black. Then I went to Tractor Supply and bought a bunch of weird little hardware things. Then I went to WalMart grocery shopping (more on that in a min) and got him some Snickers bars and a Bag of chicken nuggets jerky (though that won’t fit…). Everything will be stuck in one of the drawers. I’ll probably throw some things in from around here, too. Mom’s getting him a peg board. How cool is that?!

Matt was going to go shopping with me tonight. On the way out, he spotted a kitty on our porch. I stepped out and it started coming towards us. It came right up to me and rubbed and asked to be petted. She was soooo skinny. =(   No collar of course. She had to be starved, but we’d been out of cat food for 3 days! =( Go figure! The twins ate up a big ol’ can of pink salmon until I could get to the store (tonight) but now there was nothing. She was sooo pretty and sooo loving and sooo hungry, I begged Mike to let me keep her.

He said yes!! =) She’s  gray and white. She has a white face, chest, belly, and both her front legs and the most of her back legs are white. She has the the gray back end and a little on the top of the back legs, back, tail, and the top of her head and ears. She has a very light pink nose and the prettiest pale green eyes ever. Also, she has like a thin line of black outlining her eyes so she looks like she’s wearing make-up! LOL We brought her in and the kids fed her some lunch meat until I could get back from the store with kitty num-nums.

She’s in my room for now. I got her a small litter box and a pink collar when we went shopping. We put food and water in there and the poor thing keeps eating. She’s still a kitten, old enough to be weaned, but not grown yet. I’d guess probably about 3-4mo old. She’s in my room for now because Lilah was hissing at her. Not Samson so much. I figure we’ll introduce them all slowly and so she is locked IN my room and the twins are locked OUT. I’m not overly worried about Lilah. She hissed at Samson for a couple of days after he got back from the vets. Of course this is a new kitty altogether, but I think they’ll all get along great.

At Wal-Mart I shopped and shopped. I’d worked hard at planning this trip (about 3hr worth)  because I was going to get some GREAT deals. Here’s my break down…

*Savings due to price matching with other stores – approx. $28.60 (I don’t remember the original price on a couple of things, so I estimated them)
*Savings due to coupons$36.55

Total savings – $65.15 !!

Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Ziploc container packs – on sale at IGA for $1. I had 5 cpns for $1.50/2 and 2 cpns for 55c/1.  So I paid 25 cents ea. for 10 packs, and 45 cents ea. for 2 of them.
  • 1 subject spiral notebooks – on sale for 1 cent (limit 3) at either Office Max or Depot. So I got 3 for a total of 3 cents.
  • Candy bars (Snickers, Twix, Dove, 3 Musketeers) – on sale for 2/$1 at CVS. I had 4 cpns for $1/2 and 1 cpn for BIGI. That gave me 8 free, and I paid 25 cents ea. for 2 of them.
  • Luzianne Tea – on sale for $1 at Diamonds and I had 2 cpns for 60c/1. I paid 40 cents ea. for 2.

Talk about GREAT deals! Woohoo! I was so excited. I did got over the groc budget for this week by $19, but I’m going to take it out of next weeks. I could NOT pass up deals like this! lol

Menu and Groceries for 1/26 – 2/1

OrgJunkie has LOTS of menu plans at Menu Plan Monday to check out. Here’s mine for the week:


  • Mon- canned roast beef/gravy, mashed taters, corn
  • Tues- tuna sandwiches and chips (Ladies meeting at church)
  • Wed- Chicken fajitas, spanish rice, refried beans
  • Thurs- steak, baked taters, corn on cob
  • Fri- cheese manicotti, garlic bread, salad
  • Sat- meatloaf, mash taters, peas
  • Sun- beans and cornbread


  • Mon- mac-n-cheese OR tuna sandwich
  • Tues- soy butter/jelly sandwich OR leftover roast
  • Wed- cereal OR grape jelly sandwich
  • Thurs- quesadilla OR burritos
  • Fri- pizza

I sat the kids down last night and had them each pick one main, one veggie, and one fruit for each day this week. Then I gave them the option of adding another fruit or veggie if they want, as well as one dessert and one drink. I will be putting together (cutting, cooking, bagging, etc) their choices to in  new “lunch drawer” in the fridge.

I haven’t been grocery shopping yet. We woke up late this morning. =( I’ll get out and do that in a little bit. Then when I get back I’ll update with my totals. It’ll probably be closer to the $80 this week, mostly because there are a lot of good deals on this week that I want to try to catch. As far as what we need for this week’s menu it’s pretty much just the fruits, bread, milk, and cereal.


IGA shopping trip-


3 loaves of bread – $1.99
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch – $1 (on sale 2/$3, plus coupon for $1/3 -3 coupons used)
1 box of Trix – 50¢ (same deal as other cereal)
2 boxes Hungry Jack pancake mix – $3 (on sale 2/$4, plus cpn for $1/2)
2lb carrots – $1.16
10lb potatoes – $1.76
1 pear – 34¢

Total after coupons $9.75!! ($4.00 worth of cpns.)

Walmart shopping trip-


Drano Max cause the shower is clogged =( – $7.24
3lb taco seasoned ground turkey – $3
3lb Italian seasoned ground turkey – $3
6pck Trix yogurt – $2.31
1lb tub margarine – 84¢
1 Green Giant Broccoli Florets 22oz – $2.22 ($1 cpn)
2 Green Giant Veggie Mix boxes – $2.04 ($1/2 cpn)
1 Green Giant Just for One Broccoli/Cheese 4pack for lunches – $2.22 ($1 cpn)
1 Grape Jelly in a mug jar – $1.24
1 Sugar Free Pancake syrup – $1.48
1 Welchs Strawberry Squeezable Jam – $1.95 (55¢ cpn)
1 big can refried beans – $1.08
1 can garlic/onion sauce – 98¢
1 pkg sliced cheese – $2.78
3 Suave shampoos – $1.51 ($2/3 cpn)
1 Ranch dressing for school – $1.62
1 can peaches – $1
1 box saltines – $1.12
1 bag corn chips – $1.33
1 BIG (makes a gallon) gravy mix pkg – $2.58
3.77lb bananas – $1.81
5 Roma tomatoes – 93¢
6 oranges – $1.80
3 gallons milk – $5.97 (price match)
3 cans Quaker Oats – $2.70 (price match 2 for $3, plus 60¢ cpn x3)
1 bag Santitas tortilla chips – $1.50 (price match)

Total after coupons – $60.17 ($7.25 worth of cpns!)

Grand total for the week (which includes LOTS of stocking up) – $69.92


Diamonds trip-

I used $5 of this week’s grocery $$ to pick up 10 individual size pizzas for school lunches, thentook the other $5 budgeted for this week and $23 of next week’s to stock up on chicken breasts at $1.48/lb. I now have 11 pkgs of slightly less than 2lb ea in my freezer!

Grocery Shopping and Menu 1/19-1/25

Here’s our menu for the week…


  • Mon- hashbrown/beef casserole that I never made last week
  • Tues- baked potatoes and salad
  • Wed- stroganoff, peas
  • Thurs- macaroni n cheese with beef
  • Fri- tacos, spanish rice
  • Sat- biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs
  • Sun- roast with potatoes and carrots


  • Mon- burritos and carrots for one kid, tuna sand and applesauce for the other
  • Tues- prob. nachos. Kids have a ‘meet’ so will have to get lunch from the concession stand
  • Wed- bologna sandwiches, bell peppers/dip, apple, brownie
  • Thurs- leftover pizza, carrots/dip, banana, brownie
  • Fri- mac n cheese, bell peppers/dip, apple


  • Oatmeal, cream of wheat, cereal, toast, pancakes…whatever we grab

For more menu ideas check out OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

I’m actually using mostly what we already had on hand meat-wise, so most of the grocery shopping (in 2 trips this week) ended up being to stockpile. Mike said I had $50 for groceries this week, including the $5+ he spent the other day for bread and milk. I stayed under that and actually got a lot of extra! Yeah me!

One of our local stores had a 3-day sale Fri-Sun, so Sunday I went a did a little shopping…

5lb potatoes – $1
10 boxes mac-n-cheese – $2
3 cans Pillsbury Grands biscuits – $1.14 (on sale 88¢, and I had 3 coupons for 50¢ off)
1 box of frosted flakes $1.19
4 cans of whole kernel corn – $1
4 cans of sweet peas – $1
2 boxes of Pillsbury brownie mix – $2.25 (on sale 2/$3 and I had a 75¢ coupon)
2 loaves of bread – $1
4 pkgs of cornbread – $1
pkg of boneless pork chops (about 8) – $4
pkg of steak (about 2lb??) – $4

Total: $19.58

Another local store is re-opening after a fire and has some sweet deals for this week that I price-matched at Walmart. I know, it would be nicer to go direct and help out the little guy and all that, but that would be a 15min trip each way for just a handful of things… I’d lose $$ by the time I took out for gas.

Here’s Walmart-

5 bell peppers – $1 (price-match)
2 heads of lettuce – 96¢ (price match)
1.65 lb tomatoes – $1.65 (and the only way I know how many pounds is because it was a dollar a pound and it rang up 1.65! LOL)
3lb gala apples (my FAVE!) – $3
3lb bananas – $1.45
2 lb Owen sausage – $3.76 (price match and 35¢ off coupons)
2 gal milk – $5
small bag of laundry soap (just enough to get me through to Fri) – $1.68
2 liter Coca-Cola – $1.48
2 liter Dr Pepper – 88¢ (price match)

Total $20.49

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