These are the projects I plan on getting done in 2009. The first section I put together 12/31/08. I know I will add more throughout the year, so I’m going to make a linebreak and then add on others below as they come about. I’ll strike through and leave a completed date when I get something done.

  • make rope potholders
  • get curtains made for living room (denim…definitely denim!)
  • wrap DVD racks from IKEA in denim and hang
  • get shelves for over Matthew’s clothes rods painted and installed
  • shelf or two in kitchen for Coca-Cola pretties  (5/7/11)
  • make curtains for west windows (kitchen and laundry room) as the sun is killing me!
  • decals onto tiles in bathroom (3/?/11)
  • pictures into collage frames and hung (2 frames)
  • Spidey round ripple afghan
  • felt ornaments made
  • Christmas mini-quilts made (at least 2)
  • tea towel sets made (at least 2)
  • make magnetic notepads for fridge
  • carpets under kids’ beds shampooed
  • bandana throw pillows made
  • Mike’s quilt top pieced together
  • laundry room floor fixed
  • kitchen painted
  • dining room painted
  • laundry room painted
  • back hall painted


  • daisy squares for charity made and MAILED
  • name changed on Mike’s stocking (Christmas 2010)
  • Santa Chef stocking made for me (FINISHED 3/18/09)
  • Spring Shrug for Meagan (FINISHED 4/9/09)
  • get screen stapled to outside of windows to make semi-permanent “screens”
  • stain or paint rowboat shelf and wooden chest for master bedroom
  • get ‘feet’ picture framed and hung
  • get b/w collage frames hung
  • Spring Shrug (only for fall) for lady at church
  • uniform culottes for Meg
  • other culottes for Meg
  • scarf for girl from camp
  • scarf for other girl from camp
  • doll blanket for a different girl from camp
  • John Deere pillow for yet another girl from camp
  • giraffe for new baby at church (it’s a girl!)
  • scarf for Matt
  • culottes for girl from school
  • advent calendar made
  • Coast Guard display case made (12/?/09)
  • shelf for Coast Guard cap stained/sealed (12/?/09)
  • clothes for doll made (12/?/09)
  • accessories for doll made (12/?/09)
  • sleep sack made (12/?/09)
  • dress for Meagan made

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