Bipolar Illusion

We tell ourselves everything and everyone is going to be ok. Sometimes it’s not.

Everything looks ok on the surface, but a swirling mass of dangerous emotions lies just beneath, waiting for us to take one teeny-tiny misstep. To loosen our tenuous grip on mental wellness just a little bit by trying to take a breath and rest from the excruciatingly difficult task of maintaining the illusion of normalcy in our lives. Sometimes that misstep can be recovered from and we can move on… shaken, bruised, perhaps even scarred, but ready to keep moving. Occasionally, though, the illusion gives way to reality and the tricks and trap-doors we use to get us through to live another day disintegrate.

You will be missed, Robin Williams.

The unpacking is now well under way.

Long story, which will come just as soon as the pics are ready, but I’m adding a post to the blog to keep it from disappearing entirely from lack of use. I REALLY should have been updating as we went along, the last year has definitely been post-worthy, but I found myself so mentally and physically busy (and exhausted!) I just didn’t get it done.

And the packing has begun…

YEA!!! To anyone who knows us, or has read any of this blog, it is evident we need a new house. There are SOOOOOO many reasons why we need a new house that I’m not even going to bother listing any. I believe the Lord is going to provide us with a new home, but I also believe we need to work to make it happen. Sooo…

I’ve been a busy little beaver. I have the credit cards all paid off so that in just a few weeks, our debt ratio will be as good as it will ever be, making our credit as good as it is going to get for awhile. Then it will be time to have the bank pull our credit so we can get pre-approved for a mortgage. In the meantime, though, there has been plenty happening…

I’ve purchased a dolly for moving things. I’ve acquired (mostly bought) a BUNCH of boxes, and a packing tape gun. I’ve been collecting info on buying a first home, getting a mortgage, etc. God has shown me who to contact about selling the house we are in, as well as who to talk to about finding and purchasing the new one. I have some money set aside for expenses and plan on adding as much as I can to it as often as I can. Also, I have arranged to rent a 10′ x 10′ storage unit so we can empty out as much as we can prior to contacting the listing agent.

That’s the point we are at right now. I just packed up most of our photos, videos, and childrens books. These are all easy things to pack and also easy things to do without for several weeks, so that is why I’ve started with those. I’m hoping to actually have the storage unit this weekend, and as soon as I do….I will start filling it up!

So, lots of packing, some furniture moving, some paperwork (loan application and who knows what else), some house-browsing online to get some motivation, and of course our standard work, school, and loads of therapy/doctor appts in the future for the Caseys!


Thank you, Lord, for:

  • the Person of You… Jesus Christ
  • the Promises of You… the God who can’t lie
  • the People of God
  • the Provision of You… my Heavenly Father God
  • the Power of You… the Great I AM THAT I AM
  • the Preparation of God
  • the Peace of You… the Holy Spirit
  • the Protection of God… the Creator and Almighty God
  • the Privileges of God

I can never thank You enough! The least I can do is offer my body and life as a living sacrifice to You! THAT even is not enough. Thank You, thank You, thank You!!

General update since last year

I just went back and realized that the last time I wrote a post in 2012 was towards the beginning of the year. That means there is a LOT that didn’t get mentioned on here. Probably the biggest being Dad’s trip home to Heaven in July. Shortly thereafter Bro4 moved his girlfriend and her 3 kids in and they are all staying with Mom and Bro5 now. Also my best friend moved about 30min away, so my commute for work is longer now. lol Naturally there are all kinds of stories attached to these bits of news, and I very well might write some of them down at some point, but for now I just wanted to get the quick highlights down. =)

Now off to take a nap with that icepack on my head!!

In like a lion, out like a lamb….right?!?!

I know that is normally said of the month of March, but I am hoping it applies to years, as well. Since Christmas we have dealt with the following health-wise:

Meagan – mono

Matthew – bad asthma flare, requiring a round of steroids

Mike – sinus infection that spread to his lungs very quickly

Me – sinus infection

Matthew – sinus surgery

Matthew – flu

Me – flu


We haven’t had a single day in 2013 yet in which even half of us have been enjoying good health! I’m really hoping that means that by the end of the year we will all be doing super well! =) Meanwhile, I think I’ll go get the ice pack out of the freezer and take a nap with it on my head again. That was sooooo nice yesterday!

Moving the Caseys

Today is technically Monday (as it is after midnight), but it’s still Sunday night for me. Meagan has already gone to bed, but Matthew is still up. He’s supposed to be getting his meds… what he’s actually doing is up for debates. Friday morning he had sinus surgery. He was really nervous, but did good overall. He was up and back to normal by Friday night. Yesterday he went to the park and hung out with his friends.

I’m hoping the surgery will bring an end to the icky health month we’ve had as well as improve his sleep. Just after Christmas, Meagan came down with mono. About the same time, Mike and I both got a bad sinus infection, and Matthew’s asthma flared up too. I’m ready for some HEALTHY Caseys!!

This year – 2013 – my biggest goal is moving the Caseys. I’m determined that with the Lord’s help, we’ll be in a new-to-us house sooner rather than later. Mike is retired now, so it is my ‘work history’ that we will need to use to get a loan if we need one, so I’ll keep working with my best friend (at least the company is good!!) at least until we get moved. I just know that a new house will help us all health-wise. Just the change to central heat and air will do wonders for everyone’s breathing!! I can’t wait!

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